Ways Exterior Waterproofing Increases Your Home Value

Posted on: 10 January 2022

If you leverage home improvement projects to increase your property's value, exterior waterproofing is one project you can't ignore. Remodeling your home improves its functionality and comfort. But some upgrades add value and strengthen the home's structural integrity.

Waterproofing your home's exterior maximizes space, especially In your basement. When your waterproofing technician reinforces the basement from the surface, water won't seep. 

Basements with robust, crack-free walls block moisture and eliminate mold growth and a musty smell. Here are ways exterior waterproofing adds value to your home.

Waterproofing Promotes Energy Efficiency

Cracks on your basement walls allow heat to seep in, and they let conditioned air escape your home. This means your HVAC system will overwork to sustain optimal conditions indoors. 

When you call an exterior waterproofing contractor, they employ appropriate sealing techniques to repair cracks. They ensure proper insulation and bring down high energy costs. 

Eventually, potential homebuyers feel compelled to make an offer. Qualified buyers feel confident buying a waterproof home. They know they won't incur steep energy costs, and you can attract your desired price effortlessly.

Waterproofing Increases Functional Space

The chances are that comparable homes in your neighborhood have basements. However, only a handful of these utilizes these spaces fully. Often, lack of exterior waterproofing is the reason why basements go unused. 

If you invest in waterproofing your basement wall, it allows you to turn the space into a livable area. Once the walls are reinforced, you can install drywall and other striking interior design features. 

Turning your basement into an extra bedroom, study, or laundry room increases the size of usable space. Homebuyers love homes with more space, and they'll make reasonable offers on your property.

It Prevents Basement Flooding

Your home's value increases when you buffer your foundation with waterproofing applications. Waterproofed basement walls eliminate basement flooding during the wet season. 

A basement contractor recommends appropriate waterproofing options to keep water out. This protects tangible valuables stored down there and discourages mold growth. If a home inspector gives your basement a clean bill of health, it tells home buyers they won't be dealing with water damage and remediation costs. 

Not only does waterproofing increase value, but it solidifies your home's foundation as well. Waterlogging during floods weakens the spoils around your basement but adding water barriers strengthens the foundation.

Contact basement contractors with professional moisture barrier installation skills if you require exterior waterproofing service for your basement.


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