Anyone Building A Custom Home Should Consider These Features

Posted on: 20 January 2022

If you have found a team of custom homer builders to tackle your project, you now need to determine how you're going to customize your new residence. Which features should be on your checklist? Consider these five features if you want to maximize the benefits of working with custom home builders.

Efficiency Features

Okay, this may not be the most glamorous of possibilities. However, building a custom home is a chance to implement efficient features that can save you lots of money over the years.

You can install low-flow showers and faucets, high-insulation windows, an efficient water heater, and a top-tier electrical system. Your custom home builder can add a highly efficient HVAC system to ensure your house will have cost-effective heating and cooling. Even adding some mirrors can allow you to take greater advantage of natural light.


Think beyond the basics, such as adding a pantry or a walk-in closet. Look at storage options all over the house. The bathroom is a great place to add storage for towels and personal care items, for example.

Look at unused spaces to expand storage, too. If there is space above a stairway, for example, you can have your builders convert some of it into overhead storage.

Utilities to Support Digital Technology

Most folks want to have access to the internet and wireless phone systems in their homes. To this end, it's wise to add sufficient charging and connection capabilities to the house. You can install more outlets, and it's also possible to put in outlets that include slots of USB chargers.

Likewise, you may want to run ethernet cables through the walls to panels in different rooms. Even if you want to use nothing but Wi-Fi, this will allow you to stage routers more advantageously throughout the house. A few coaxial cable runs aren't a bad idea, either.

Accessibility Features

While people often think of accessibility in connection with disabilities or aging-in-place, everyone can benefit from getting around better in a house. Handrails in the shower and bathtub area can make a home safer. Likewise, wider doorways and hallways will allow you to move about the house easier. A ramp can be handy whenever you need to move appliances and furniture in or out of the residence.


Advances in windows and doors have made it easier than ever before to add views to rooms. If you want huge windows to take advantage of a great view, you don't have to compromise on insulation and UV protection. You can also plan the house to allow the view from the back to be visible from the front door.

Your custom home builder can help you meet every need in your custom home.


What's In a Contract?

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