5 Things Your New Home's Secondary Bedrooms Should Have

Posted on: 24 January 2022

While most homeowners spend plenty of time crafting a great primary suite, they often shortchange the planning of secondary bedrooms. Great bedrooms throughout the home, though, enhance the home's value and appeal while reducing family conflict. What should you be sure to include when designing your family bedrooms? Here are a few often-overlooked things. 

1. Storage. Most secondary bedrooms come with a standard closet and little other storage. However, from little kids to teens and beyond, those bedrooms' users will usually need much more than that. Help keep things tidier by including larger closets whenever possible and even some built-in storage to augment later furniture storage. 

2. Bathrooms. Ideally, nearly every bedroom in a house should have en suite access to a bathroom. Depending on your budget and home size, this could include Jack-and-Jill shared bathrooms and bathrooms with another entrance to a public corridor. Better bathroom planning can mean fewer family squabbles. And if you can't include an en suite, keep the bedroom close to the bathroom. 

3. Natural Light. Natural lighting is important for humans' good mental health and wellbeing. It's also the form of light that makes everything look its best. So don't skimp on sunlight in all your bedrooms. Augment it with larger windows, a second window, bay or bow window designs, skylights, and by placing windows in the best spots for light. 

4. Other Furnishings. Avoid designing a bedroom that's just large enough to put in a bed and a dresser. Every family bedroom needs enough space to be comfortable. This should include space for a seating area, a desk, and/or shelving or other storage. You may even find that reducing the expected number of bedrooms provides a more enjoyable layout. 

5. Privacy. Finally, give every bedroom a little privacy. This starts with the right layout, separating the bedrooms from the noisier public areas of the home. The rooms themselves should feature good insulation in walls and double-paned windows. Pay attention, too, to views from outside. If possible, place the guest bedroom away from the main family bedroom grouping to give guests a more private stay. 

Want more family bedroom design and layout tips? The best place to begin is by consulting with an experienced builder specializing in custom home construction in your area. They'll work with you to find the floor plan and specific room details that provide comfort, space, storage, and privacy for everyone who sleeps under your roof.


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