About Sheet Metal And Bent Sheet Metal In The Construction Field

Posted on: 24 January 2022

Sheet metal is a common material in the construction industry. It has a lot of strengths and abilities that make it a great material when constructing many kinds of structures. Sheet metal can also be welded or bent to achieve the precise shape and size needed for any area of a construction job. You will be able to learn more in this article about sheet metal uses in construction, as well as how important bent sheet metal can be. 

Some reasons sheet metal is used in construction

It's critical for a structure to be built to handle stress, weight, and time. Sheet metal is such a good material that can handle all these things due to its characteristics, which include: 

  • Sheet metal is known for being very strong

  • Sheet metal is lightweight

  • Sheet metal is resistant to sun damage, water damage, and corrosion

  • Sheet metal is a non-toxic material that's recyclable

  • Sheet metal can be easily repaired

  • Sheet metal is malleable, making it easy to get precise pieces

  • Sheet metal is an affordable construction material

  • Sheet metal can be finished to get the desired look

Some examples of construction uses for sheet metal

Residential building uses - Sheet metal can be used in many ways regarding a residential structure. Sheet metal can be sued for roofing, for the rain gutters, for the ducts for the HVAC system, and in many other ways. 

Commercial building uses - Sheet metal can also be used in a lot of different ways when constructing a commercial structure. It can be used for the roofing, the air ducts, the gutters, the drains, the HVAC housing, canopies, in the construction of signs, and much more. 

The importance of bent sheet metal

Many times, sheet metal is needed that has a very specific shape. You may be able to achieve that shape by welding the sheet metal. However, it can be much more cost-effective to have it bent. Also, it will have a nicer appearance when it is bent because it will be one cohesive piece that's flush along all the bends. Sheet metal bending can also achieve the desired curves. Another great thing about bent sheet metal is it will still retain its strength after it has been bent. Bending sheet metal is done for small-scale needs, but it can also be done on a larger scale, allowing big jobs to have access to the sheet metal materials they need quickly, so the job can proceed without waiting on materials. 


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