What Techniques Do Drain Cleaning Services Use?

Posted on: 24 January 2022

When your drains are clogged or slow, your best bet is to call a drain cleaning service and have them take care of the problem. There is rarely a drain that a drain cleaning company can't clear. However, the technique they used to clear the drain will depend on the nature of the clog. Here's a look at the most common techniques used by drain cleaning professionals.

Air Bust

Air bust drain cleaning is a technique that uses forced air to clear out drain pipes. Basically, the technician will shove an air hose down the drain, continuing until it reaches the blockage. Then, they will send a puff of air through the hose, and it will blast the blocking material out of the way. Air bust drain cleaning is fast and effective, but it really only works well when there's an isolated blockage in your drain. If the drain is being slowed down by continual grime buildup down the length of the pipe, this is not a great technique to use. Plumbers may also recommend this technique if your pipes are older and fragile; it's gentler than the other methods on this list.


A plumbing auger, which is sometimes also known as a drain snake, is another piece of equipment a plumber can use to clear a drain. This auger is made from metal, and it looks like a big corkscrew. Your plumber sends it down the drain, and they twist and turn it, which allows the auger to grab onto any clogging material. This approach works really well for sticky clogs, such as those comprised of grease and soap scum. It is also good for clearing clogs in big pipes, such as a main drain pipe, as it can remove roots and other tough debris. 


Hydrojetting is a newer, more advanced means of clearing drains. It involves shooting high-powered water down the pipes. This water will blast away any debris that is lining the pipes. Hydrojetting can be used to clear the entire system of pipes in a home, and it does not take long at all. It can remove everything from grease to tree roots. However, it's not recommended for the most delicate of pipes, and it can be a little pricey.

Talk to your drain cleaning professional to learn more about these methods. They can let you know which approach is best suited to your specific needs.


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