3 Things To Know About Water Well Drilling

Posted on: 27 January 2022

Have you been contemplating if you should attempt digging a hole in your yard and building a water well? Did you know that attempting to dig and build your own water well can result in a disaster if you do not have any knowledge or skills concerning the project? For example, it might seem as though taking a shovel and digging a hole in the ground is easy, but it can be time-consuming and must be done in a specific manner if you want to access groundwater. If you want your water well to be drilled in the proper manner, it is important to contact a water well drilling company for assistance. Professionals will keep the safety of your household in mind when drilling a well.

1. Drilling Close to a Septic System Is Dangerous

An important reason to leave drilling a water well to professionals is that it can prevent you from making the mistake of drilling too close to a toxic area of your property. For example, if there is a septic tank on your property, it means that there is also a toxic drain field. If a well is drilled in or near the drain field, toxins from human waste can get into the well water and make your household ill. Professionals know how far a well should be drilled away from the septic system to keep your family safe from toxins. Even if the groundwater from the well is filtered, it is not safe to drill too close to the septic system.

2. The Depth of a Water Well Is Important

Another important skill that professionals possess is the knowledge of how deep a well should be drilled. The main reason it is important to drill a well within a specific depth is to decrease the risk of groundwater being contaminated. For example, if oil, poison that is used to kill weeds, or similar products are in the soil on your property, the contaminants can seep deep enough to contaminate groundwater. Professionals know how deep such contaminants usually seep down into the soil and can make sure your well is drilled deep enough to bypass all contaminants.

3. Other Services Are Typically Provided With Drilling

Professionals can make sure your well is ready to be connected to your home after the drilling process is complete. For example, the well pump and other important parts can be installed on your behalf. The services that are offered can vary between companies. To learn about the specific services that will be provided, contact a well drilling company like Russell Well Drilling.


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