Are You Contemplating Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors For The First Time?

Posted on: 27 January 2022

Although hardwood floors have been considered the epitome of luxury flooring for decades past, some new age homeowners tend to be intimidated by owning these floors, as they assume they are delicate and will degrade prematurely. Thus, when your move into a house outfitted with hardwood flooring, your first instinct could be to have the property re-floored with more durable supplies, for example, natural stone. But this should not be the case.

The reality is that hardwood floors will only perform as well as they are maintained. Hence, if the flooring in the home was not provided with the proper upkeep, they likely will look worse for wear. Fortunately, you can restore them to a pristine appearance by hiring a professional to refinish the hardwood floors. Here is a rundown on what you need to know when refinishing hardwood flooring for the first time.

What goes into refinishing hardwood flooring?

After cleaning the hardwood floors, the contractors will use specialized equipment to abrade the surface layer of the timber to eliminate defects and stains. This process typically creates a considerable amount of dust so the areas being worked on will have to be sealed away from the rest of the home. Once the surface layer has been sufficiently smoothed down, the contractors will then apply a stain or a sealer onto it, which works to restore its color and shine.

Why should you refinish hardwood floors?

As mentioned earlier, the degree of maintenance provided to hardwood flooring will directly dictate the aesthetic value of this material. Hence, the leading reason why you should hire contractors to refinish the flooring is to improve both the form and function of the hardwood floors.

Another advantage of enlisting refinishing services is that you get a chance to customize the color of the hardwood flooring. Depending on your interior décor scheme, you can choose to have the flooring stained lighter or darker. Light-colored stains, for example, will make your interiors brighter since the hardwood floors will reflect more light than their darker-colored counterparts.

The third reason why you should opt to refinish your hardwood floors is to extend their lifecycle. While minor cracks and chips that crop up due to daily use may initially simply appear unsightly, the truth is they will only worsen with time. As a result, the integrity of the wood is steadily compromised. Refinishing gets rid of these flaws and sealing protects the wood from further damage, which prolongs the life of the flooring.

For more information on why you should refinish hardwood floors, contact a company near you.


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