When Is The Time To Install New Siding On An Existing House?

Posted on: 31 January 2022

Siding needs to be in good shape to protect a house. Consequently, you need to know when the time has come to strip the old stuff off and start a new siding installation project. Fortunately, you can look for these four signs it may be time to start anew with your home's siding.

Exposed Materials Underneath

If you can see the materials underneath the siding, that's never a good sign. You might be able to get away with fixing it if the siding only came up in one or two sections due to something like a storm. However, you should be attentive to spots where there are holes or large gaps in the siding. Especially if the materials are old to start with, you may want to skip the repair process and ask a team of installers to install new siding on your house.


Not all damage is evident upon visual inspections. That is especially the case with siding that may be too high on a house for you to spot holes. Instead, you might only notice signs of damage once the water starts leaking through the walls. If you're seeing stains along upstairs walls that have siding on the outside, for example, that may be a sign of trouble.

Notably, you should check for issues with the roof and even the pipes, too. While a siding installation effort is likely to be cheaper than either of those fixes, you can't let those sorts of problems go. Make sure you know what the source of the leak is before committing to a particular solution. Bear in mind, though, multiple things can fail at once, so the condition of the siding could still be a problem.


As materials age, they can cause the siding to become uneven. You will often see warping if the siding is failing due to heat or moisture. Air and water can get behind the materials and cause them to pop out a bit. Also, a structure may just shift enough to cause the siding to warp. This may lead to gaps, and the simplest solution is often to start fresh.


Some siding materials will degrade with time. Metal siding can rust, for example, and vinyl products may crack or fade. If the materials are starting to look dingy or cracked, you probably should remove them and perform a fresh install. You will especially want to do this if the damage appears within less than a decade of the last time you put up siding.

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