2 Reasons To Have Termite Inspections Every Couple Of Years

Posted on: 20 May 2022

For many homeowners, their houses are the biggest assets they own. And whether you constructed your residential property from scratch or if you purchased a pre-built house, the fact remains that as long as it is your forever home, you likely would not want any undue harm to come to it. But when some people think of the potential hazards that could be posed to the structural integrity of their houses, not many take into account the potential of a termite infestation.

Yet, these critters are a leading threat posed to residential properties since these insects eat through timber structures to the point they become hollow and weak. So how can you protect your investment? The answer is by enlisting termite inspection services on a predetermined schedule. Below are two reasons to have termite inspections every couple of years.

A Professional Termite Inspection Will Preclude the Possibility of an Infestation

A common mistake that some people make is assuming that termite damage inspections are only crucial once their property has been overrun by these insects, but this is untrue. For your best interest, it is best to seek termite inspection services as a precautionary measure. And one of the reasons this would be necessary for the structural integrity of your home is that routine inspections can help rule out the possibility of a problem.

For instance, if your neighbors have recently had to engage pest control services to eliminate an infestation, getting an inspection carried out promptly will determine whether your property is also at threat or if applying treatments will protect your residence from termites.

A Professional Termite Inspection Will Identify the Underlying Problem

While termite infestations can go unnoticed for prolonged periods due to several reasons, one of the leading reasons for this lack of detection is homeowners presuming they are dealing with a different kind of problem. Sometimes, these homeowners will assume they have carpenter ants on their property rather than termites, and this is due to similarities such as the body size of these insects, the presence of wings, and their terrestrial habitats.

The reality, though, is carpenter ants are nowhere nearly as destructive as termites are since termites are renowned for the aggressive structural damage they will cause to a building. Moreover, unlike carpenter ants, termite colonies will grow exponentially without being detected. Thus, by the time you are seeing these insects, you should be wary of a significant infestation. To ensure that you are not mistaking the termites for other critters, it is imperative you hire termite inspection services to identify the underlying problem you are facing.

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