What Types Of Work Zone Equipment Can You Use To Protect Employees Who Are Working On The Road?

Posted on: 14 June 2022

If your employees are involved in asphalt installation or other jobs related to building and improving roads, or if they do utility work or other work that requires them to work alongside the road, then you could be worried about all of the dangers that go along with these types of jobs. After all, the last thing that you probably want is for one of your employees to be injured while working, but you might know that this is a legitimate risk. To help reduce that risk and keep your employees safe, you can purchase some or all of the following work zone safety equipment that is designed to keep employees safe.

Reflective Vests and Hard Hats

First of all, you can help ensure that your workers are safe if you ensure that they are visible to drivers. Encouraging or requiring your employees to wear reflective vests can help a lot with visibility. Additionally, you want to protect your workers' heads as much as possible, which can be done by providing hard hats for your employees to wear while they're on the job.


In some cases, drivers can unfortunately get distracted during long commutes and other drives and might not always know what is going on ahead of them. Putting up digital signs, classic "work zone" signs, and any other signs that might be needed will allow you to alert drivers of the fact that there are workers in the vicinity. This can encourage drivers to slow down and pay close attention to their surroundings, which can help prevent accidents.

Cones and Barriers

Next, you should invest in cones and barriers that can be set up in areas where workers are working. This can be done to redirect traffic or prevent drivers from getting too close to the areas where your employees are working. Cones and barriers are typically quite affordable but are also very effective, and they can be moved around and set up with ease.

Crash Truck

Crash trucks are designed to take an impact if a driver drives in the wrong area in a work zone. Crash trucks can be expensive, but setting them up as a barrier between drivers and your employees can be an effective way to save lives.

These are just some of the different types of work zone equipment that you can use to protect employees who are working on or near the road. If your company invests in this equipment — as well as any other useful work zone equipment that you might be able to find — then you can protect your employees and save lives. 


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