Here's Why You Should Install Architectural Glass Doors On Your Commercial Property

Posted on: 26 July 2022

Architectural glass helps manufacture specially designed doors that enhance safety and modernity and save space. If you're building a commercial property, consider architectural glass door installation as an innovative addition to the premises. The following are some benefits of installing architectural glass doors in commercial buildings.

They Enhance Energy-Efficiency 

Energy bills contribute to high operational costs in commercial places; you have to take necessary measures to lower energy consumption. Installing architectural glass doors helps achieve energy efficiency in several ways. First, they allow more natural light into the building, minimizing the use of artificial lighting systems, which contribute to high energy bills. Second, their solid frame material reduces heat or cold transmission, enabling the building to maintain comfortable room temperatures. That helps minimize the operational time of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for temperature control.

They Provide Excellent Curb Appeal and Increase Property Value 

The door is the first place prospective clients interact with when they enter your business premises. Thus, its appearance is crucial in creating an excellent first impression and may determine how people interact with you. Architectural glass doors are customizable in design, layout, and overall outlook to give your building a sleek and modern appearance. Good curb appeal also helps attract more tenants to your property. Additionally, adding modern features helps increase property value if you're looking to sell the building in the future. That's because prospective buyers won't have to make expensive upgrades after purchasing the property.

They're Strong, Durable, and Secure

One of the main concerns for buying glass doors is their strength and whether they can provide adequate security to your building. However, contrary to popular misconceptions, architectural glass doors have several features that enhance your commercial building's strength, durability, and safety. First, they're made of reinforced and temperate glass, which makes them more robust. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and strong impact without shuttering or breaking. Additionally, glass doesn't rust and can't be affected by issues such as pest infestation. Therefore, it takes time before a need for repair and replacement arises. Lastly, architectural glass doors allow the installation of automated locking and alarm systems that improve your property's security. 

They Save on Space 

Another benefit of installing architectural glass doors is that they save much more space than traditional ones. They don't have bulky parts, meaning they don't take up a lot of space. You can place them at the main entrance of your commercial building and interior spaces, i.e., office doors. In addition to space-saving capabilities, they make it easier to supervise activities in your organization, as you have a clear vision of all your employees from one location.


Are you looking to install architectural glass doors in your new building? Consult a reliable glass dealer for guidance on different types and customization ideas.

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