New Trends In Kitchen Designs To Consider For Your Upcoming Remodeling Project

Posted on: 23 August 2022

If you finally saved enough money to upgrade your kitchen, you might want to consider every option before settling on a plan for the remodeling project. If you hope to achieve a modern, trendy kitchen, you might need to look at the current trends in kitchens. While you won't need to incorporate every trend into your project, you can use some ideas to create a trendy, beautiful kitchen.

Here are several trends to consider in your kitchen remodeling project.

Colored cabinets 

First, many people are turning to colored cabinets. In the past, white and stained cabinets were among the most popular options. However, today, people are choosing colors, and many people choose vivid colors. You might also choose a mixture of colors, including white and stained cabinets. For example, you might choose dark blue cabinets for your island, while using white ones for the rest of your kitchen. Choosing various colors can create a unique and bold look in a kitchen.

Upper shelves instead of cabinets

The second trend is shelves instead of cabinets. This trend started a couple of years ago and is still popular. When you choose this option, you purchase shelves for the upper parts of your kitchen instead of placing cabinets in the upper sections. A kitchen might look more spacious with shelves instead of cabinets, plus the shelves give you more space to decorate. You can even incorporate open base cabinets in some parts of your kitchen.

Mixture of materials

Using a mixture of materials is another common trend. For example, many people will add some metal items to their kitchens. They might choose a metal stove vent or hood or a metal backsplash. People today also incorporate raw wood with other materials. Using a variety of materials creates a unique look in a kitchen.


Another common trend is mirrors. You can purchase cabinet doors that have mirrors. You can also purchase backsplash mirrors instead of tiles. Using mirrors creates an illusion of more space, and it looks trendy.

Hire a kitchen remodeling contractor for ideas

A contractor that offers kitchen remodeling services can help you plan the perfect project. A remodeling contractor can provide ideas to consider and help you learn more about the latest trends in kitchen design. Additionally, they can handle the work for you. Are you ready to hire one? If so, find the right remodeling contractor for your upcoming project.


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