Should Your Bathroom Renovation Include A Second Door?

Posted on: 17 October 2022

A bathroom renovation can be a boost not only to the comfort and functionality of the home but also to its value. But should your bathroom remodeling plans include the addition of a second door? This may be one of the best moves you can make. Here are a few reasons to consider adding a door.

1. When You Have Space

Whether you're renovating a large bathroom or adding space to one, you don't have to fill up every bit of floor space with fixtures or cabinets. Rather than coming up with some use for the extra square footage, consider leaving it open and adding a door for more convenience and a more airy feel. 

2. To Create an En Suite

Does the bathroom share a wall with one of the bedrooms? This simple change can turn a regular bedroom into a coveted en suite. While the bathroom would technically still be shared with other users, it's a good compromise. 

3. When You Can't Add

Many homeowners lament that their house doesn't have enough bathrooms for a typical modern, busy family. But if you can't add another one at the moment, a second door could help take its place. Consider a bathroom that can be accessed either from the living room or the guest room. You generally won't have users in both locations at the same time, so both will feel like they have a separate and convenient bathroom. 

4. To Separate Functions

Shared bathrooms, often called Jack and Jill bathrooms, sometimes have a unique structure to turn one bathroom into two. This is generally accomplished by creating smaller, targeted rooms within the bathroom. One door, for instance, might open onto the toilet room. The other door may open into the main bathroom area or the shower area. This approach maximizes flexibility. 

5. For Better Traffic Flow

Want to reduce user conflict and drama? You might want to provide another point of entry and exit. When shared bathroom users aren't getting in each other's way as often, they're less likely to get frustrated and angry. For instance, a second entrance paired with a second vanity provides plenty of space for multiple kids to get ready for school without bothering each other. 

Could your renovation project benefit from including a second door? If you think so, start by learning about your placement and door options. Meet with a bathroom remodeling contractor. You may find that this one move solves a wide range of home layout issues. 


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