How Do They Actually Make Your Basement Waterproof?

Posted on: 11 July 2023

Is your basement wet or overly moist? If so, you may be thinking about contacting a basement waterproofing company and having them come treat your basement. This is a good idea. But if you're like most homeowners, you're not quite sure what basement waterproofing involves or what, exactly, these companies do. In most cases, they will take a multi-faceted approach, addressing basement moisture in a couple of different ways. Here are some key services that your waterproofing company may provide.

Silicone-Based Wall and Floor Sealing

In many basements, the water seeps in through the concrete walls and floor. There may be some small cracks in the concrete, and water may seep in through them. Or, the concrete itself may be a little more porous than is ideal, and water may seep in around the aggregate. To correct this issue, a basement waterproofing service will likely apply a silicone-based sealer to the walls and floor. This sealer can be sprayed or painted directly onto the concrete. It will sink in between the pieces of aggregate and block the holes, pores, or cracks that water could otherwise enter.

Silicone-based sealers come in a variety of colors. So, talk to your basement waterproofing contractor about your color options. A gray or white sealer works best if you want the work to be less obvious. For a more exciting look, consider brighter colors like blue or green.

Floor Drains

If the water is coming in primarily through one or two large cracks, your contractor may recommend installing a floor drain. This drain will capture the water that flows in and funnel it toward your home's sewer pipes or drainage pipes. The contractors may also seal the crack, but large cracks do tend to begin leaking again after treatment, which is why a floor drain is necessary.


Your basement waterproofing contractor will likely install a dehumidifier in your basement, too. This device will remove humidity from the air. In doing so, it will also encourage any liquid water that seeps into the basement to evaporate, which will protect your basement structure and any items you store in the basement. All you really need is a portable dehumidifier that can be coordinated with a drain.

If you hire a basement waterproofing company, there is a good chance they'll seal your walls, install a dehumidifier, or install floor drains. Contact a professional to learn more about basement waterproofing


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