Five Ingenious Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

Posted on: 26 February 2024

Are you tired of feeling cramped when you enter your small bathroom? Do you dream of a more spacious and airy feel without knocking down walls when you remodel? Don't worry; there are plenty of ways to make your small bathroom seem bigger with the same square footage. In this blog post, we will explore five ingenious ways to maximize space and create the illusion of a larger bathroom. 

Lighten Up

One of the simplest ways to make a small bathroom seem bigger is to maximize natural light and keep the space brightly lit. Consider installing a skylight or larger windows to let in more natural light. If that's not an option, use light-colored paint on the walls and ceiling to reflect light and create a more open feel. Avoid heavy window treatments that block out light and make the room feel smaller.

Install a Floating Vanity

Traditional vanities can take up a lot of floor space, making a small bathroom feel even smaller. Consider a floating vanity instead, which creates the illusion of more floor space and makes the room feel larger. Plus, a floating vanity gives the room a modern and streamlined look. You can also opt for a wall-mounted toilet to free up floor space and make the room more open.

Use Large Tiles

When it comes to tiling a small bathroom, less is more. Instead of small tiles that can make the space feel busy and cluttered, choose larger tiles. Large tiles create the illusion of a more expansive floor and wall space, giving the room a more cohesive and open feel. Stick to light-colored tiles to further brighten the space and make it airy.

Choose a Clear Shower Enclosure

If your small bathroom has a shower, consider replacing a traditional shower curtain or opaque enclosure with a clear glass enclosure. Clear glass allows more light to pass through and creates a seamless visual flow, making the room feel bigger. Plus, a clear glass enclosure can visually expand the shower area, giving the illusion of more space.

Maximize Vertical Space

When floor space is limited, think vertical. Install shelves or cabinets above the toilet or sink to maximize storage space without occupying precious floor space. You can also consider installing a tall, narrow storage cabinet or shelving unit to use vertical space. By drawing the eye upward, you can create the illusion of a higher ceiling and a larger bathroom.

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